The Basics

The Basics

A Year Of Rain is a real-time strategy game. Find below, details about how to play and additional information that helps you understand the game.

Quick Summary

In A Year Of Rain, you start a match with selecting your faction and your hero. We offer three factions with three heroes each. You get placed on the map with your team mate. You start with a main building and a handful of worker units. The worker units collect resources for you such as Anorium and Wood. Going from there, you build your base. Buildings for recruiting of troops, diverse technology buildings and defensive buildings are at your disposal. 

Your goal: Build your base, level up your hero, recruit troops and destroy your opponents base!

It's a team game!

We see a tendency towards team gameplay. While most other RTS games feature 1vs1 modes, we completely focus on 2vs2. With a second player, you unlock new ways to strategically outdo your opponents. Our game features are created and balanced to support team gameplay. A role selection at the beginning of a match allows both players to choose complementary roles to perform even better as a team - or play double support. It's up to you really. Besides an in-game chat, we offer a ping system with which you can communicate with your team partner, no matter if real player or AI, effectively.

It also has advantages for new players to the RTS genre: Take a look at how your team mate plays. Looking, copying and trying is a valid way of improving your own skills. Our game modes are set up for 2 versus 2 matches, so you never play alone. Don't worry about your team mate. If your team member has a higher skill level, he/she will be getting a bonus on XP at the end of the match for being a role model for you through the game. If your opponents are ranked higher in the game, you both are also getting a so-called Underdog bonus for playing against more experienced players.


A great story in a brand new universe

Experience the epic story of A Year Of Rain, find out what happened to the lands and what our three factions House Rupah, The Restless Regiment and the Wild Banners have to do with that. In 3 campaigns, 10 missions each, you'll find the answer. All missions are best in co-op mode and partly offer different tasks for both players, so playing all missions twice in both positions is recommended! If you got no-buddy (pun intended), you can select to play together with an AI by your side.


Game Features

Co-Op Campaign

Yin Still Standing

Play the campaign missions alone with an AI or on co-op mode. We recommend playing it in co-op mode to experience the story in the best possible way. Some missions offer different tasks for each player, so replaying the missions as Player 1 and Player 2 is recommended. 

On Early Access release, we'll have the first campaign á 10 missions included. The other two campaigns follow during the Early Access phase. 

Game Mode: Skirmish / Custom Games

Play 2 versus 2 Skirmish matches. Get matched with random other players in Skirmish or set up a Custom Game lobby to play with your friends under set settings and a map of your choice. And if you are missing players, add AI players to the match. Custom Games allow Observers to watch the match without taking action in it, in a special Observer mode.

Game Mode: Against All Odds

Our asymmetric game mode: Two heroes face two entire armies! In this game mode, heroes are able to use items to improve. The armies don't have a hero available. Finally, a game mode to play together with your MOBA friends! This game mode might not be available right from the start of Early Access. 

Build Order Guides

You're not completely depending on learning from your team mate. At the beginning of the match, we offer you different Build Order Guides to follow. They vary on the chosen role you'd like to play and list actions we recommend you to fulfil your role. We plan to offer multiple Build Order Guides for multiple playstyles in-game. There is no need to search for those online anymore.

Replay Function

If you want, your matches will be saved as replays. Through an in-game menu, you'll be able to watch your matches again from a Spectator perspective to analyse what happened and to take a closer look at what your team mates did.

Fair matchmaking procedure

We aim for a fair matchmaking. We sort players into leagues and tiers. Advanced players will play in higher leagues. Your opponents will be just about right for you to play against.

Hotkey Functionality

We implemented a ton of different hotkey functionality in-game, inspired by all your favourite RTS games including but not limited to: Unit grouping, grouping buildings, hotkeys for hero selection and idle worker, saveable camera positions, skipping through unit types in current selection, different ways to add or remove units to selection and many more! Key bindings can be changed in the game options.

Roles & Upgrades

Upon the start of a match, you can select one out of three roles: Tank, Damage or Support. Depending on which role you select, you can upgrade one additional research. The research can be levelled up to level 4. The first level is already unlocked when you select the role.

Communicate with your team mate beforehand to define who selects which role and how you can best play together.