Team Underdogs wins Undead Champs 2019

4 teams - 6 live streams - BO3 Round Robin online matches and one grand finale! That was Undead Champs 2019! Last Saturday, the grand offline finale took place at TaKeTV in Krefeld, Germany. Here is what happened.

After 6 weeks of live matches between the four teams of the Undead Champs Tournament, the grand finale finally happened last Saturday. The finale between Team Underdogs and the first Berliner eSports Club e.V. was thrilling and very intense. 

Both teams as well as Caster Wardiii agreed that the finale should be a BO5 instead of a BO3, which we allowed. This resulted in 3 overall matches of which all 3 wins were taken by Team Underdogs, consisting of player Deathmic and Udwin. Congratulations!

If you'd like to rewatch the whole finale, we got you covered! Find a list of links including time stamps of all matches for the Twitch VOD below. 


We want to thank everyone who made this tournament possible!

First of all thanks to all four teams, TKA E-Sports, 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V., Team Underdogs and HARPYIE, who played great matches, entertained and impressed a lot of people with their A Year Of Rain skills they learned in such a short time frame.

Second, a big thank you to our Caster Wardiii, who clearly is our personal number one A Year Of Rain caster of choice and not only did a awesome job casting all matches but also held great interviews with players, developers and gave great feedback that overall improved our Observer mode. 

Last but not least, thanks to TaKeTV who made the tournament overall possible. 

Additional special thanks to Kittycatcakes, who brought an incredible awesome Pangobold cake to our offline finale! Take a look at it in the gallery above.


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Until next time,
Your A Year Of Rain Team


Finale VOD

Full VOD

Match 1

Match 2
(Developers voted to be the best match of this evening!)

Match 3
(Base Rush)

Interview with 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.

Interview with winner team Underdogs