The Closed Beta Starts Today!

Today is the day. We'll invite a great bunch of players to play our Beta Version of A Year Of Rain. If you signed up in the previous weeks, check your email inbox (and spam folder) if you are one of the lucky ones to play the beta!

How To Play Beta

If you received the beta invitation email, it contains a Steam Key. The Steam Key can be redeemed in the Steam software. It unlocks the Steam App "A Year Of Rain Test". This is our official Beta Test Steam App. Install and start it..

Important: Select a region (Europe, America, Asia) at the bottom left of the login screen! Otherwise, you won't be able to log in or create an account. The region selection disappears if you tried to log in without selecting a region. In that case you need to restart the game.

You are required to create a new account upon startup to be able to connect to the game.

Beta Runtime

The Closed Beta Test will run for some weeks - from today on until October 21st, 2019. After that, the servers might not be available anymore for online matches.

Where to give feedback

We really want to hear your feedback about the game! What you like as well as what you don't like. We're especially interested in bug reports and small feature ideas that could improve the game. Please join our Discord Server and give us your feedback there. Alternatively, send us an email to community [at] ayearofrain.com. Keep in mind that, due to the high amount of emails we might receive, we can't answer every single feedback email. We appreciate every message though!

Join our Discord Server

FAQ: Am I allowed to live stream the A Year Of Rain beta?
Yes, you are! If you're posting stream announcements on Social Media, make sure to tag us on Facebook and/or Twitter for a chance to get your message shared!


We're looking forward to play with you!

Best regards,
Your A Year Of Rain Team