Closed Beta Ends + Early Accees Date revealed!

After a bit more than a month of Beta Testing, the Closed Beta Test has come to an end. Read more how we proceed below.

On September 19th, we started the Closed Beta phase for A Year Of Rain. Our goal was to find bugs that were unknown, test Matchmaking and make sure our servers offer the right performance to handle the release.

Today, we're closing the Closed Beta Test and prepare for our Early Access Release on November 6th, 2019. We're now focussing on fixing bugs you reported during the Closed Beta phase, make slight improvements based on your feedback and getting the first Campaign ready for Early Access.

We're not ending Beta without sharing some fun facts:

  • Echo Glades was played double as often as Thirsty Sands. Desiccated Forest runs out of competition since it was released mid-beta.
  • TOP Hero Ranking: #1: Wraith, #2: Spark Mage, #3: Paladin. AOE FTW.
  • People selected "Damage" as their role 4 times more often than the Support role.
  • Amount of players reported during Beta: 4.
  • Amount of player reports send by staff to troll community management: 3.

The Closed Beta Phase was very helpful for us. A few words from some of our Staff:

The prolonged beta phase was incredibly useful for us, as players kept reporting issues we never had encountered before or that were very hard to reproduce on our end. Also, we were able to find (and fix) a set of issues that didn't occur before hundreds of players started playing. Without the support of our players, our small team would not have been able to encounter these issues before release.

- Nick, Technical Director

The beta community really helped us to find additional flaws and they came up with great ideas on how to improve the game as well. Uh! And analyzing the online matches was a great tool to find imbalances. 10/10! Would beta again.

- Christoph, Lead Game Designer


We'd like to thank every beta participant for playing, their feedback (written or through our analytics tools) and all the bug reports that we received! Get excited for Early Access release now!

Wishlist A Year Of Rain on Steam today to not miss the Early Access release on November 6th!